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Terrarium: Pro Gallery

Terrarium: an Alternate Reality Game

Web & Game Designer

Terrarium is the winner of the 2020 IndieCade award for the best Location Based and Live Play Design in a game. Terrarium was an alternate reality game (ARG) scaled for approximately 1,700 people during the University of Chicago orientation for first-year students in 2019. This experience used transmedia storytelling and gameplay to increase understanding about and engagements with climate change. Terrarium was an experiment in mixed reality storytelling that combined the streaming platform Twitch, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) software for live streaming, live-action performance, video game mechanics, and puzzles that stretched to various websites.

During this project, I created dynamic web pages and graphic assets. Also, I worked collaboratively to create various game experiences. I scripted, filmed, and edited several videos to act as quest prompts. Additionally, I worked as a playtester for central quests.

More information about this project can be found here.

Terrarium: Projects
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