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My portfolio showcases a handful of my most recent projects. Take a look to get a sense of my skills, experience and approach. To learn more about a specific project, feel free to contact me directly.

UX/UI developer and designer for artists portfolio site

An Award Winning Alternate Reality Game

An educational game demo created for Diana Franklin's course Computers For Learning.

An Alternate Reality Game based around creating community during Spring 2020,

Some sketches and film derived from training on images of circus performance

Lead Costume Designer for University Theater's Production of Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl

Lead Costume designer for Le Vorris & Vox Circus's production of Wonderland

Projects: Projects


Here are some of my works that do not fit cleanly into a specific project

Visual Development, Character and Environment Designs.

Logos, T-Shirt Designs, Web Assets

Projects: Projects
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